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Solar For Home

Turn Solar Into
Money Safely

Safer option to reduce electricity bill by up to 90% for family of 5 and above.

Electricity Rate is Rising

And keeps on rising due to higher demand of electricity. With more maturing kids, more device will be added to home causing increase in electricity bills.

Your best options are to change your electricity usage habit or let the sun pay your bills.

With Safe Solar, you can save up to 95% of the bills with an average payback in 6 years.

We Make Solar Safer

Solar installation is complex. It will sit on your roof for 20 years, absorbing and converting solar energy to electricity.
It adds heavy load to roof, heavy rain causing the roof to weaken.

Presents lightning surge danger when electricity is not ground properly.

Electrical leakage which fry expensive electronics and home circuits.

Imagine A Power Plant on Your Roof. Wouldn’t you want a safe option?

That’s why you need experts that cares about the longevity of your home. Safer installation, reasonably priced and most important worth your money and time.

How the Sun Pays Your Bill

Solar PV system is a system that generates electricity from the sunlight. Malaysia adapted the concept of Net Energy Metering (NEM) whereby the electricity produced will be consumed first and any excess energy generated will be exported to TNB on a one-on-one offset basis.
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Converts DC from solar panel to AC for home electrical usage. We use inverters that can withstand extreme weathers and water resistant.
It is used to carry current safely around the house. The cable is made from heat and fire resistant material.
Protects your home solar system from overflowing/ overloaded current with its Surge Protection Device (SPD).
Client can monitor its home solar PV generation through mobile app.

Savings from Solar

Select your average monthly power bills to find out:
RM 300
RM 500
RM 700
RM 900
Your potential savings with Sunny Home S (4.70 kWp):

RM 250/month

Monthly electricity savings.

RM 3,000/year

Electricity bill saved after 1 year of solar installation.

8th year

Positive cash flow is possible (no longer paying electricity bills).
Your potential savings with Sunny Home M (5.64 kWp):

RM 336 /month

Monthly electricity savings.

RM 4,032/year

Electricity bill saved after 1 year of solar installation.

7th Year

Positive cash flow is possible (no longer paying electricity bills).
Your potential savings with Sunny Home XL (9.40 kWp):

RM 567/month

Monthly electricity savings.

RM 6,804/year

Electricity bill saved after 1 year of solar installation.

6th year

Positive cash flow is possible (no longer paying electricity bills).
Your potential savings with Sunny Home XXL (11.28 kWp):

RM 691/month

Monthly electricity savings.

RM 8,292/year

Electricity bill saved after 1 year of solar installation.

5th year

Positive cash flow is possible (no longer paying electricity bills).
**Based on the outright purchase situation. Other Terms & Conditions apply.

What Clients Say About Us

Suria and Sonne did everything they said they would do, within the timeline they proposed. There were no surprises or “add-ons” to deal with, which I greatly appreciated. Responses to my questions/ concerns were always complete, timely and professional. Amazingly happy and thankful for an incredible job well done! A flawless and pleasant experience.
Liana, Johor Bharu
We highly recommend Suria and Sonne. They are an extremely professional company - providing the very best customer service. The project was well thought out, designed and executed.
Dr. Izzat, TTDI, Kuala Lumpur
Suria & Sonne provided a very thorough, impressive and comprehensive proposal. Thank you!
Karim, Shah Alam, Selangor
I love the professional conduct of company teams. Anything that customers wish they had done in such an ideal way. Superb service and excellent ! Highly recommended for solar service at home.
Nadiah Hamdan, Cheras, Selangor
Syarikat yang mempunyai kepakaran dalam bidang panel solar di rumah serta mempunyai pekerja yang terlatih dalam bidang tenaga boleh diperbaharui. Sangat meyakinkan dan harga berpatutan.
Arif Aiman, Selangor

How to Get Solar For Home


Getting info from client, conduct desktop study and present general concept of solar PV system type and program

Site Visit

Feasibility study of the site that includes the rooftop condition and solar electrical equipment location.

Solar Installation

Install PV panels, inverter and other solar equipment.

Safety Inspection

Testing and commissioning procedure to ensure system is operating smoothly


Warranty covers site inspection, panel cleaning, system performance audit and scheduled maintenance

Easy Payment Mode

One-Time Payment

Pay once, and enjoy long-term savings
Recommended for home owners who do not like to be tied down by banks, financial constraints and prefers financial freedom.

Financing Options

12 ~ 36 months
  1. 0% Interest Easy Payment Plan (EPP) – up to 36 Months
  2. Cashless debit or credit card payment
  3. AFFIN Solar Financing-i (Max 10 years)
  4. Hybrid payment option – combination of cash/ debit/ credit/ EPP

Subscription Model

Zero Upfront
  1. Three tenure period: 5, 8, 10 years.
  2. Inclusive of Maintenance and Insurance.
  3. No upfront payment.
  4. Suitable for homes.

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Frequently Ask Question

Are all installation safe?

yes, we observee strict safety precautions every steps of the way. 

Design & Installation
 As per standard (MS standard, IEC, ST & TNB Guidelines)

Project execution
We are ISO certified 45001 - Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA);
- Working at Height (Method of Statement)
- Other criteria stated by the ISO itself
 Safe practise at site by wearing proper PPE attire and proper separation of work area & potential hazard determination.

System Operation
- Purely electrical, means no radiation emission unlike telecommunication systems. Simply like TV, refrigerator
- Outdoor suitability. Made for outdoor applications, far from normal access (not reachable, kids friendly)

My home is a shaded area, can I install a solar system?

In principle, solar works upon receiving sunshine. If the area is shaded, the output will be low.

However, SNS provides complementary study to determine the severity of the shading issue and we can advise ways to improve the output.

Can I install a solar system on rented property?

Technically it is possible according to the ST guidelines. For tenants, written approval by the land owner shall be required.

How long does the warranty last?

Solar panel - 12 years product warranty & 25 years performance warranty

Inverter - 7 years product warranty

SNS Workmanship & Product Warranty - 2 years

What if it’s raining season?

Rainy season - lower output

However, the proposal for output/ savings will be based on simulation software which considers the whole year’s situation and conditions (rainy/ non-rainy season).

Our proposal will provide precise information on how much generation and saving that you may get all year long, with weather considerations.

What if there’s no ROI?

For home solar, typically the ROI is between 6 - 8 years.

What is Nem?

On 29th December 2020 it introduced the new Net Energy Metering 3.0 programme (NEM 3.0) to provide more opportunities to electricity consumers to install solar PV systems on the roofs of their premises to save on their electricity bill.

The concept of NEM is that the energy produced from the solar PV installation will be consumed first, and any excess will be exported to TNB at prevailing displaced cost.

 I live in High Rise building. Can I install solar?

For private home owners - No. Due to the roof ownership and strata title.  However, for common areas under JMB management, they can consider the solar installation to save the common area bills.

 Do you cover east Malaysia Sabah & Sarawak?

SNS only covers Semenanjung Malaysia.

Can I get income from Solar Installation?

There is no income for home solar.

Under NEM scheme, any excess bill will be considered as credit (to deduct from the upcoming bill up to 12 months)

Does the system have a battery?

Our system is mainly an on-grid system which requires no battery. Adding a battery is optional for those who can install higher capacity and wish to get bigger savings.

What is the maintenance cost & what kind of maintenance is required?

Mainly electrical not mechanical, therefore less moving parts, very low maintenance. Easier to maintain than your own car.
Allocate 2-5% per annum from the system cost.
Maintenance required is mainly the panel cleaning, general inspection, electrical testing and PV system performance audit. During SNS 2 years warranty period, the maintenance will be conducted annually FOC.

Does the system come with insurance? What is the coverage?

Yes, there are Saving, Accidental damage and System maintenance. Contact us for more details. 

Is solar installation illegal? Does TNB allow it?

It’s completely legal and the installation will be in accordance with the ST guidelines. NEM quota will be approved by the government agency (SEDA) while the solar meter (RE Meter) will be applied and installed by TNB.

Safer Sustainable Energy Choice

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