Solar PV BasicS.

A solar PV system may consist of solar panels, inverters, energy storage system (ESS), grid interconnection and balance-of-system (BOS).

The components can be configured based on demand and requirements: whether SELCO, NEM, LSS, FiT and many more.


Let us convince you!

  • Save more electricity bills

  • Hedge against escalating electricity rate

  • Avoid high maximum demand charges

  • Increase your property value

  • Utilise existing roof space

  • Protect the environment

  • Investment Tax Allowance (ITA) from MIDA

  • Deduction of Capital Allowance (CA)

  • Contribute to Green Building Index (GBI)

  • Lower financing cost under the Green Technology Financing Scheme (GTFS)

  • More info on Double Tax Deduction below.

acquiring solar energy
with or without capex.
your choice!

With the latest development in the solar energy business model, you can acquire solar energy via
(1) Outright Purchase, (2) Easy Payment Plan or (3) Zero Costs Package.

outright purchase.

Own your solar PV system with outright purchase and enjoy free electricity forever.

This package is perfect for homes as commercial and industrial. High savings rate can be achieved.

Contact us to learn more about the payment plan. We can make it happen!

zero costs package.

Also known as SPPA or SARE, the Zero Costs Package is exactly as it is named. 

The full installation, operation and maintenance costs is borne by an external solar investor. 

If this sounds ideal for you, get in touch with us. We’ll ensure your ROI is achieved.

solar pv programs

There are numerous programs being introduced to make solar PV accessible for everyone.</br>
We are one step away from making your dreams come true.

nem rakyat.

A lucrative solar energy incentive for home owners! With NEM Rakyat, you can export the excess solar energy to the power grid and able to achieve higher savings.

No battery storage system is needed for the first 10 years, hence much lower capital expenditure.

neM gomen.

Government ministries and entities on federal, state and local authority level can go green with this special NEM GoMEn quota allocation.

Enjoy a special one-to-one export tariff and enjoy every unit of solar energy generated.


Net Offset Virtual Aggregation. Generate your own electricity for your industrial buildings and plants. Export excess electricity via System Marginal Price or offset them with your other buildings. 


The original configuration of solar energy. No quota needed with large flexibility and highly customisable to cater any of your needs. The program is applicable for any type of building.

tax incentives.

Malaysia offers a wide range of tax incentives ranging from tax exemptions allowances based on capital expenditure to enhanced tax deductions. If you need more reasons to install solar PV on your rooftops, read on.

investment tax allowance.

Green Investment Tax Allowance of 100% of qualifying capital expenditure incurred on green technology project for three (3) years from the date of first qualifying capital expenditure (CAPEX) incurred.

The allowance can be offset against 70% of statutory income in the year of assessment.

capital allowance.

Capital allowances are deductions claimable for the wear and tear of qualifying fixed assets such as industrial machinery, office equipment and sign boards. 

Under Capital Allowance, Solar PV system could categorized as Plant & Machinery and is eligible for depreciation over the period of 6 years.

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