Sustainable Energy Solutions

Solar is just a part of the smart and sustainable energy systems. Our expertise goes way beyond that.

Solar Photovoltaic (PV)

We are experienced in various types of solar PV projects for residential, commercial, industrial & governmental clientele, with different requirements and conditions. 

Energy Storage System (ESS)

We utilise the flexibility of different energy storage technologies to cater to special applications including load shifting, peak shaving and demand side management.

electric vehicle (ev) solution

We make charging EV easy and efficient based on the latest charging technology, professional installations and a user-friendly platform.

energy efficiency

We make it possible to get the most out of your energy investment via smart energy consumption and demand side management.

Green Building Consultancy

We offer consultancy and due diligence services by exploring and assessing potentials to adopt renewables and green technologies for various buildings.

Energy Digitalisation

We develop and implement automated and intelligent O&M packages, power plant management systems and AIoT integration in sustainable energy solutions.

All for one, and one for all

We offer our clients end-to-end sustainability solutions that cover all aspects and span multidiscipline.

design &

Our experienced engineers will scrutinise every details and analyse the relevant data to optimise performance.


Our passionate installers materialise the sustainable energy system with a high degree of workmanship quality.


Our projects are meticulously supervised from end to end to guarantee successful completion.


Our field specialists are ever ready to ensure maximum performance and smooth operation. thus optimising returns.

testing &

Our technicians carry out T&C to ensure the sustainable energy system conforms with technical standard and safety requirements.

liaison with

Our management team provides necessary liaison with authorities to facilitate license approval and quota requisitions.

let the sun pay your bills

Wondering how much you could save? Discover the hidden potentials of your industrial, commercial and residential premises with our Solar Calculator.

here comes the sun.

Our highly skilled, qualified and enthusiastic team is ready to serve you. Learn more about us!

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here comes the sun

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