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Agensi Nuklear Malaysia

460.29 KWp
Bangi, Selangor
Scope: Full Engineering Procurement Construction & Commissioning (EPCC) for GSPARX Sdn Bhd (PV Investor)

Problems encountered

During the installation of this site, our team experienced a problem with micro-cracks on the PV module cells. This issue is quite problematic because micro-cracks cannot be identified by the bare eye and usually can be recognized upon seeing the performance of the system. Usually, micro-cracks can occur during PV module production, however, it is more likely to occur during handling PV modules during shipping and installation.

How do we solve it?

There are some protective measures that we do during the handling and installation of the modules such as avoiding abruptly stepping on the modules and to place absorbers at the edges of the modules while lifting them. 

Before the installation process, our team of QS had prepared an extra margin of modules - hence we are equipped with sufficient quantity of modules to avoid installation delays as much as possible. 

Besides that, these PV modules are operated by two people at once and gently located on the mounting structure. We also performed thermal scanning on the PV module during T&C or when the system functions. This step is done by checking for the hot spots using a thermal scanner.


By ensuring the modules are well prepared and taken care of, we can maximize the system output generation and increase the PV modules lifetimes.

Additionally, we can reduce project cost due to PV Modules wastage caused by mishandling, accidents, etc.

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