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Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging System

Get onboard in the Electric Revolution

Choose green mobility or go all out by integrating other green energy solutions with the electric vehicle solutions.

Eelectrify your movement

EV Adoption Consultation

Feasibility study, grant & tax incentive, business model advisory, financing options, legalities and more.

Hardware Infrastructure Development

EV chargers, parking bays, power supply upgrade.

Back-end System Development

Mobile-app, web portal, cloud service, payment gateway & metering.


Integration with other sustainable energy solutions such as solar EV charging station

EV Charging System For Your Convenience


Capitalize on ESG compliance & provide greener infrastructure to the community.

Attract Guests

Savvy EV users prefers chargeable buildings.


Revenue generation from guest and tenants.

No More Stealing

High electricity from unconcentual charge.

Weather Proof

Withstand heat and wet environment.


Designed for harsh and frequent usage and doesn’t break easily.


Worry less about time taken to charge your vehicle. Charge from the comfort of your own home.


3 Times faster than normal 3 pin charger from 25 hours down to 9 hours (Hyundai IONIQ 5)


Purpose-designed dedicated EV with high safety regulations and avoids overheating.

Save More

By integrating home solar PV system with EV charging solution, by harnessing the power of the sun, we are practically charging the car for free.


Connect to you Smartphone and monitor the charging progress.



What Clients Say About Us

Suria and Sonne did everything they said they would do, within the timeline they proposed. There were no surprises or “add-ons” to deal with, which I greatly appreciated. Responses to my questions/ concerns were always complete, timely and professional. Amazingly happy and thankful for an incredible job well done! A flawless and pleasant experience.
Liana, Johor Bharu
We highly recommend Suria and Sonne. They are an extremely professional company - providing the very best customer service. The project was well thought out, designed and executed.
Dr. Izzat, TTDI, Kuala Lumpur
Suria & Sonne provided a very thorough, impressive and comprehensive proposal. Thank you!
Karim, Shah Alam, Selangor
I love the professional conduct of company teams. Anything that customers wish they had done in such an ideal way. Superb service and excellent ! Highly recommended for solar service at home.
Nadiah Hamdan, Cheras, Selangor
Syarikat yang mempunyai kepakaran dalam bidang panel solar di rumah serta mempunyai pekerja yang terlatih dalam bidang tenaga boleh diperbaharui. Sangat meyakinkan dan harga berpatutan.
Arif Aiman, Selangor

How To Get Your EV Solutions


Understand client's needs from Budget, Objective, Business model, Site condition & requirement, Legalities, Technical feasibilities, Financing options and Tax incentive, rebates or grant.


System Architecture Proposal

Propose the best EV solution for the client that is Cost-effective, safe and provides the best returns on investment.

System Developement

To construct the hardware & EV charging infrastructure as per proposal

To develop the necessary back-end system to support the EV infrastructure

Safety Inspection

Testing and commissioning procedure to ensure system is operating smoothly


Provision of extended warranties for the hardware, workmanship, and also insurance for further protection

Dedicated O&M team & support service team to ensure that the EV charging solutions are performing safely.

Frequently Ask Question

What is an EV charger?

An EV charger is a device that allows electric vehicles (EVs) to charge their batteries by connecting to an electrical source. EV chargers can come in various forms, including wall-mounted units for home use or public charging stations.

Why should I install an EV charger at home?

Installing an EV charger at home provides several benefits, including the ability to charge your EV at the convenience of your home, and to have the vehicle fully charged and ready in the morning. 

Additionally, EV chargers may potentially increase property value. Additionally, installing an EV charger helps to promote a sustainable way of living and reduce personal carbon footprint while also eligible for tax incentives.

What are the benefits of EV charging for businesses/commercials?

Sustainability: Adopting EV charging can demonstrate a company's commitment to ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) and reducing its carbon footprint.

Attracting customers and employees: Providing EV charging can be a valuable amenity for customers and employees whereby this can help to attract and retain customers and employees who are environmentally conscious and value sustainable transportation options.

Cost savings: Adopting EV charging can potentially provide cost savings for companies, as EV charging typically costs less than gasoline for equivalent distances traveled. Companies may also be able to take advantage of tax incentives or other financial benefits for investing in EV charging infrastructure.

Branding and marketing: Adopting EV charging can be a way for companies to differentiate themselves from competitors and enhance their brand image.

Future-proofing: By investing in EV charging infrastructure now, companies can position themselves to take advantage of the growing market for EVs and provide a valuable service to customers and employees.

What is the difference between public and private charging?

For private charging, you only allow designated users to use the charging facilities. This may be done by installing simple direct EV chargers without user restrictions, whereby the restriction shall be done manually via prohibiting the public access to the charging facilities.

On the other hand, public charging will allow anyone to access the charging facilities, however, a sophisticated back end system is required to allow user access to use the charger via a variety of payment methods, including credit/debit cards, mobile payments, and membership cards.

How do I start an EV charging business/charge point operator (CPO)?

To start an EV charging business, you will need to research the market and identify the demand for charging services in your area. You will also need to identify potential locations for your charging stations, obtain permits, and invest in charging infrastructure. You may also need to partner with EV manufacturers or other businesses to promote your charging services.

A Charge Point Operator (CPO) is a company or entity that operates and maintains electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. The CPO is responsible for installing and maintaining the charging infrastructure, managing the billing and payment systems, and providing customer support to EV drivers who use the charging stations.

The CPO may own or lease the charging stations and may partner with other entities, such as property owners, businesses, or municipalities, to install the charging infrastructure in public or private locations. The CPO is responsible for ensuring that the charging stations are working properly and available for use by EV drivers.

What services can SNS offer to collaborate in EV charging solutions?

SNS can assist in providing the front end infrastructure development for the CPO such as EV charging stations equipment, or the back end architecture development such as payment gateways, cloud services, app, etc. Alternatively, SNS can also co-invest as CPO in certain business models.

Are EV charging eco-friendly?

EV charging is generally considered more eco-friendly than traditional gas stations, as they do not emit harmful pollutants into the air. However, the electricity used to power the charging stations may come from non-renewable sources, such as coal or natural gas, depending on the region and the provider, whereby this issue can be tackled by adopting renewable energy such as Solar PV system as part of the energy sources.

Are EV chargers safe?

Yes, EV chargers are generally safe to use when installed and operated correctly. Electric vehicle charging equipment is designed and tested to meet safety standards and regulations to ensure that they are safe for both users and the surrounding environment.

EV chargers have built-in safety features to protect against electrical hazards and prevent fires or other accidents. These safety features include Ground fault protection, Overcurrent protection, Temperature monitoring and other physical safety features such as insulated cables, to prevent electrical shock or other hazards.

Should I get AC or DC EV chargers? What are the differences?

AC charging is typically slower than DC charging, with charging rates ranging from 3 to 22 kilowatts (kW). AC charging is typically used for home or workplace charging, where charging time is less of a concern.
DC charging, on the other hand, is faster than AC charging, with charging rates ranging from 50 to 350 kW or higher. DC charging is typically used for public charging stations, where fast charging is important to allow EV drivers to quickly recharge their vehicles and continue their journey.

Overall, the choice between AC and DC charging depends on your specific needs and usage patterns. If you plan to use public charging stations frequently and need fast charging, a DC charger may be the better choice. However, if you primarily charge your EV at home or work and have time to recharge, an AC charger may be sufficient.

Why partner with SNS for EV charging solutions?

Apart from being an expert & experienced service provider in the field of EV mobility, SNS can also offer integrated solutions, which will not limit you to only EV charging implementation only.

For example, as part of holistic green solution that we can offer, your charging station may be equipped with Solar PV system to generate clean electricity with less dependency from the grid power, and also to advise for implementation of other green initiatives such as Energy Efficiency (EE) to reduce your energy consumption wastages and achieve Green Building Certification.

These may not only promote your sustainability image but also allow for special green financing/tax incentives/government grants to further assist you in achieving your sustainability target.

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